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Grapevine is a virtual world for
friends, co-workers, and communities.

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Use the avatar creation tool to make an avatar that represents you. Choose your perfect look and style.
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Create an amazing 3D space and have loads of fun using our space building tool.
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Jump in, chat and meet, while exploring a web of beautiful user created spaces.

Check out our favorites

Check out some of our favorite user created spaces
Floating Rock Office
Jesse Lozano
best space demo 1
Pete and Sharon's Lounge
Pete Stewart
best space demo 2
OWC Gallery
Our Wonderful Culture
best space demo 3
Japanese Gallery
Rosie Higgins
best space demo 4

How will you use Grapevine?

There are thousands of reasons to use Grapevine, here are a few of our favorites...

adele avatar
Adele Ara
Head of Global Business Operations, LightsourceBP
I miss the option of asking someone if they have a minute. The great thing about Grapevine is that I can walk to their desk and ask for a minute of their time.
ines avatar
Ines Brasch
Procurement Lead, Spirit Energy
I love the fact that I can do almost everything in the Grapevine, that I could do in the office.
gary avatar
Gary Downs
Managing Director, Practical Business Improvements
My team have carried out every aspect of our business from within the Grapevine for more than 5 months. Team feedback has only been positive.
chris avatar
Chris McWilliams
CEO, Auxillium Technica
Grapevine will allow our teams to stay connected in our projects. As people will be on site , while some support function will be in different geographies.

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