Our Vision

Online communication as we know it, is getting old. It is not really build for a truly remote world. There is no sense of presense, of being with others, and the dynamics of the real world are lost. Video chat is unnatural, awkward and terrible for mental health, and social media is just toxic! This is why we built Grapevine.

Meet our team

Reuben Carter - Co-founder
Reuben has a background in software engineering, working on rendering engines, computer vision systems, lidar processing, and XR experiences. He has built cutting edge technology for startups, corporates, and even international artists. He loves anything to do with 3D graphics and AI.
Rosie Higgins - Co-founder
I split my time between England and Spain, working remotely on coding projects for international clients. Well, until recently... After turning to programming as a side hustle a few years ago, it quickly became my life. But it was an interest in telecommunications, sparked by the problems I faced working remotely at the start of the pandemic that lead me to start Grapevine.


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