How All Money Matters connected their remote team and streamlined their communications with Grapevine

Rosie HigginsSat May 21 2022

Learn how fintech company All Money Matters uses Grapevine to stay connected, streamline communications and create a sense of community while working 100% remote

The strange thing is that your mind takes you into the office environment and you feel that you are with the people you are engaging with

-Wayne Smethurst

With over 30 years experience in the mortgage sector All Money Matters is an established brokerage with a forward thinking approach. Thanks to industry leading web technology and cloud-based infrastructure they were taking strides towards remote-first operations well before the pandemic hit. Since 2020 the team has been able to work from anywhere which brings fantastic benefits to both the company and the employees, but they needed a way to bring the remote team together in a virtual space.

At the start of 2022 All Money Matters specified, designed and built their remote HQ, AKA “Mortgage Village”, in Grapevine. Since then 25+ plus staff work from the virtual HQ every day of the week which has completely transformed how they communicate online. And it doesn’t stop there, they have big plans to grow the company expanding the Mortgage Village every step of the way.

We chatted to Wayne Smethurst, Managing Director at All Money Matters, to hear more about how Grapevine makes all this possible:

How did you operate remotely before your Grapevine office?

We have a trading platform called 1APP which allows mortgage brokers to access all our lending products in one place. 1APP processes cases and provides all documentation and case tracking from start to finish, providing brokers with all the tools needed to help their clients. We also use Amazon phones and Teams.

Were there any pain points in this process?

Few to be honest and we could support our brokers, lenders and the team with these systems. What we were looking for is, how to make the best use of these expert’s time and more importantly make them feel a part of a team whilst working remotely.

How has Grapevine helped you?

Well, it's an interesting question with surprising answers. First, it allows us all to be in an office environment even though it is virtual to see who is in and who is free. It allows us to walk over, start a conversation, share documents and be seen to be approachable when needed. The strange thing is that your mind takes you into the office environment and you feel that you are with the person/s who you are engaging, well for me that is the case.

What was the outcome?

It allows us to help, manage and support all staff, which is even more important as we grow. It has allowed our lenders to login and be in our office from wherever they may be and support our team without the expense and time required when normally visiting our office. We have now had lenders presenting within the virtual office which again saves more time for all.

The most important benefit is that our team feels supported and not isolated when working remotely, supporting good mental health. Our lender and broker partners can be efficient and effective, providing more solutions for clients. As we learn from this experience. I am sure that more unforeseen benefits will come to life as we engage in the new way of working and lifestyle that technology brings.

If you would like to set up your own virtual HQ for your remote team, read about how to get started here or get in touch!

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